February 9th, 2018

This week the NSPCC came to school and led a very useful and important assembly all about the rights of children to be safe.
The visitors showed a clever way to remember the phone number to use if the children feel the need to talk to a grown up about worries they may have however small. See if your child remembers!
We also were invited to attend the Year 5 assembly where we learned all about Rainforests in an entertaining way.
We are really improving our French with the French Assistant, Simi. We are able to make up our own sentences around how we feel, our age and even describe various animals. Our accents are improving too.
Class 10 have really enjoyed being actors and directors learning about stage directions and have written plays about the Billy Goats Gruff.
Division continues to be a challenge for some of us but with persistence and resilience I am sure we shall achieve.
After the half term break we start a new round of Golden Time activities and I trust Class 10 shall be losing less time.
Hope everyone enjoys the break and returns to school safe and well on Tuesday 20th February.


February 6th, 2018

Here are some recent photographs of Class 10.

Lots of small words from TOLERANCE

February Half Term

February 6th, 2018

On our return on Tuesday 20th February our new Learning Challenge will be set around the Ancient Egyptians.
It would be great if Class 10 could start to research this very interesting period.
Perhaps visit the library or investigate online or even visit to Manchester University Museum where there is a very interesting section devoted to Ancient Egypt- mummies and all (and free).
There will be table points on offer to any one bringing in lots of information and findings. Good luck and enjoy!

Geography Day

February 2nd, 2018

On Monday the whole school had a geography curriculum day and Class 10 chose to research Italy as we had earlier focused our Learning Challenges around Ancient Rome.
We found out about the flag and some of the famous buildings and about the physical aspects of the country. We also mentioned pizza!
In English we are now moving on to play scripts and some of us have had a chance to act during our Guided Reading time.
We are still being challenged with division problems and facing questions to challenge our mathematical thinking and reasoning skills.
We had a very successful result with making small words from the word TOLERANCE – we were impressed with ourselves! Maybe you could try this one at home too.
We are finishing next Friday 9th February for a week. Hope you all have a good break and get treated well for Valentine’s Day!

Local Artist

February 2nd, 2018

This week we were thrilled to discover a famous artist who was not only a Mancunian but was actually born here in Gorse Hill on Haddon Street. Francis Lennon was the artist for the 2002 Commonwealth Games. We spotted that her style is similar to Lowry’s.
In maths we are getting to grips with long division and next week we shall be solving word problems using these new skills.
We have completed our adventure stories in Big Write and look forward to you reading them at Parents’ Evening in March.
During our p.e. sessions we are lucky to be having lessons from an international player.
We continue with our morning challenges such as how many words we could find in the word spaghetti? And slightly deeper thunks such is it fair that rich people can employ people to make them even richer whilst there are people living on the streets? Some very interesting discussion were had!
All children should be up and running with Bug Club and My Maths but should there be any issues please let us know.
There is a lunchtime My Maths club for any child who cannot access the internet at home.

Famous Mancunians

January 16th, 2018

We started our new Learning Challenge with a vote to decide one of our small rewards. The twist was I only allowed the boys to vote! I am both pleased and proud to report that everyone was offended especially the boys at the inequality!
This led to the introduction of the Suffragette movement and in particular Emily Pankhurst. She is our first Famous Mancunian we are researching The children were keen to find out which particular era she was from. Their initial thoughts were Victorian using pictures as a clue. They have been fascinated to learn that Emily actually lived under three different monarchs which led to discussions surrounding succession. We have learned about abdication and made comparisons between Edward and Harry! The children are now about to work in small groups to present their research about Emily and choose how they wish to present their findings.
We are all really enjoying our focussed book, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe which is inspiring story writing with a theme of entering a different world. Some great ideas!
We are introducing a Daily Challenge which could be a variety of things – practical and encouraging deep thinking. For example “Were the Suffragettes right to follow their policy of ‘deeds not words?’ and how many small words can you make from the longer word spaghetti?
It would be great if parents/carers could talk to the children about any favourite famous Mancunians you have. The children have shown interest in many of these especially people like Tony Warren!

Energy Day!

November 3rd, 2017

The children in Y4 thoroughly enjoyed their Energy Day this week. Enthusiastic British Gas employees visited the school to help the children understand all about the different energy sources, including renewable and non-renewable, and the importance of recycling, reusing and renewing.

The children were engaged throughout and took part in many varied activities including comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the various energy sources. They made a ‘green’ energy pledge, designed a ‘green’ house for the future and participated in question and answer sessions where they were rewarded with pens for correct answers. All the children could explain what they had learned from the session and were each awarded with a ‘green’ book at the end of the session. They even had the pleasure of meeting Wilbur the penguin who will now remain in school as a permanent reminder of the day.

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